With the may fly almost at an end – Sheelin did not disappoint this week with a brace of trout all returned safely as pictured below. All our trout rose to a small grey wulf during the late afternoon last week. Sedge fishing is said to be the cream of the season on Sheelin and this commences in full swing from about mid June and continues right through to the end of the season in October 12th. Small brown sedges hatches become prolific as the season advances. Best methods are fishing dry in a small size from 14 to 16’s. Anglers fishing sedges this time of year are advised to look for calm spots on the lake, sit and wait for rises. Anglers will also catch fish: fishing blind, so vary tactics.

The Lough also gets hatches of Silverhorn sedges and small dark sedges in August and early September. A small size 12 or 14 fished dry close to the shore especially towards dusk can often take a good trout. Useful fly patterns are Green Peter, Murrough or better known as The Great Red Sedge and smaller brown sedges. Trout will be caught by various methods and using flies not mentioned above. The fly angler should bear in mind two points: Best results are generally obtained along sheltered shores in a small to moderate wave. Fishing the evening rise into the night usually gets better results than day time fishing. Be careful and get to know the lake. Lough fishing buddies actively encourage all anglers to return as many fish as possible in order to safeguard the welfare of the fish for years to come. Lough fishing buddies practice a catch and release policy.


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“Bear in mind two points”