The trout fishing season opens on the 1st of March and Pike can be fished for all year round. The lake is ideally suited for fly-fishing as it’s has large areas of shallows and gin clear water with a number of drop off's exceeding 60 feet There is a natural head of wild brown trout and rainbow trout, which is supplemented by the Lough Lene Angling Association on a regular basis. Lough Lene pike and trout are tremendous fighters with pike to 20lbs and above can be caught on the fly, my personal best on this Lough is 28lbs. Fly fishing from a drifting boat is the best method on Lough Lene. Access points are from the main slip at the lower end of the Lough via Collinstown village or by the land owners permission via Lough Lene Angling Association. Lough Lene is most famous for it’s fly-fishing with large hatches of Duck fly followed by prolific hatches of olives in April giving rise to some exceptional buzzer fishing. During the day in July and August Mayfly can be seen hatching and as the sun sets the large sedge, green peters & murrough begin to hatch. Spectacular fly-fishing with fish of 5lbs is not uncommon. The Lough also has a very healthy stock of large pike. A fishing permit is required for this lough which can be purchased locally at the Day Break store in Collinstown for €15pp. A complimentary set of rules for angling on the lough is supplied with every permit. Please respect this wonderful resource and it's fish, remember to take your litter home and wear a life jacket when fishing.

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