The south west coast of Ireland is exceptional in that it contains something for everyone. To miles of sandy beaches with crashing surfs for the angler after Bass, to quite places like estuaries, piers, and cliffs that sink into deep water. This part of Ireland has treasures galore to suit all types of fishing, all year round, containing a variety of fish to match every taste and all within easy distance of each other.

It is prohibited to take and kill more than two bass on any one day. (Bye-law No.667)
The minimum overall size limit of 40cm. From tip of snout to end of tail. Closed season from 15th May to 15th June.

As the trout season comes to a close my focus is turned in pursuit of sea bass and large winter flounders. For 37 years I have fished with my father Aiden around the coasts of Ireland. I am glad to say that my father whom is now in his seventies is still as active as ever, we continue to take time out togeather in persuit of another specimen. For more information about our sea angling trips in Ireland, please feel free to contact us.