Cavan has a well earned reputation for one of Ireland’s premier angling locations. There are many fine game and coarse angling river stretches and wild brown tout fisheries. The fisheries in County Cavan comprise of major river systems and their associated lakes. Many opportunities exist for the specialist angler. In West Cavan, the mighty river Shannon begins in journey from the Cuilcagh mountains. Its main tributary, the river Inny flows from Lough Sheelin which is world famous for its hard fighting wild brown trout and is far one of the best fisheries in Europe. There are good hatches of Duck Fly along with some Olives early in the season which opens on March 1st. May fly hatches occur weather permitting from the middle of May and will often continue into late June. If the weather conditions are favorable some superb spent gnat fishing can be enjoyed late into the evening.

Loughfishingbuddies offer exciting fishing opportunities to improve your fly-fishing skills. Everything differs by area; when to fish, what gear to use, how to cast, when to cast and what fly to use and so on. The biggest advantage of fly-fishing with a guide is that every place is different. Trout, especially Lough Sheelin trout can be extremely elusive. I spend as much of free time out fishing the lough and this experience has helped many anglers over time.

A good guide should definitely know their stuff. Generally the longer a guide has been in the area, the better they will be. Fly fishing for wild brown trout is a specialty of mine. My custom built boat is fully rigged with the latest electronics. I offer anglers an alternative to fly fish in comfort on one of Europe’s finest wild brown trout fisheries.

If you wish to book a guided days fishing on Lough Sheelin, please feel free to contact me.