Everything differs by area; when to fish, what gear to use, how to cast, when to cast and what fly to use and so on. The definitive goal of fly-fishing for pike is to imitate a wounded fish or other prey so closely that it fools the pike into thinking that its next meal is being served. Pike flies today come in a wide variety of colors and fashions. Most are brightly colored and resemble small bait fish for example perch, roach or trout.

Try the fly the next time you go pike fishing you may well be surprised with results.

My trip today was to a club lough located between the towns of Collinstown and Castlepollard in County Westmeath. Pictured above in all the action was my angling partner Noel. The lough holds stocks of large pike which can be caught using various legal methods. It was a great moment for me to watch Noel getting stuck into a number of big pike and even more surprising for Noel as he entered the Loughfishingbudies hall of fame with his first 20lb pike on the fly, what an adrenaline rush.

My next pike angling trip will be to Glaslough Castle Leslie which is located in County Monaghan. The lake has been managed with care by the Leslie family for generations & is considered to be one of the best-preserved lakes in Ireland. In 1991, a specimen pike weighing 38lb 9oz (17.5kg) was caught in the lake and broke the 18-year official Irish record. My turn perhaps…


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