The early season on Lough Sheelin.

It always going to be mixed bag of weather on Lough Sheelin in March. The feeding habits of the trout can be very unpredictable and will seem to be governed by the ever changing weather conditions, but by far the best fishing  often happens early in the day. The conditions have to be fair, the hint of a changeable cold weather front can send the trout out to deeper water. I enjoy fishing the Lough before it gets too much traffic from visiting anglers. Fly-fishing from a drifting boat is the best method favoured by most at this time of the year. In the early weeks of the season fly life is scarce which presents a challange in itself for most anglers. Trout can be taken on the fly in areas of shallow water from opening day of the season on Sheelin (March 1st) providing modest success for the persistent angler wishing to brave the elements. Pictured below are just some of the flies I would use at this time of the year. Lough fishing buddies practise a catch and release policy. By practising catch and release you have shown the fish the respect it deserves, giving it a fighting chance to grow and to reproduce and later providing you more opportunities for another exciting day out.



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Damien Willis



March, when it all begins.