“Returning your catch safely”

You should never kill a fish unless you intend to eat it. By practising catch and release you have shown the fish the respect it deserves, giving it a fighting chance to grow and to reproduce and later affording you with more opportunities for another exciting day out. Remember to wet your hands and keep the fish in the water, handling of the fish should be minimised. When necessary the fish should be supported from beneath and the hook gently removed either by hand or by means of a forceps. If the hook is deeply embedded and cannot be removed, the leader should be cut close to the hook, as the fish will generally survive.

Take extra care with fresh fish, as they are more prone to scale loss, injury and subsequent fungal infection. Care must be taken not to squeeze the fish or hold it by the gills. After removing the hook or cutting the leader, the fish should be supported in the water facing into the current and given sufficient time to recover.



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“Returning your catch safely”